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    Attractions in Dalian

    Discover Attractions and Things To Do in Dalian

    Dalian is one of the beautiful seaside cities in China, and visit/or planning to work on their holiday tans and partaking in a variety of water sports will have plenty of sun-drenched spots to revel in. If you would rather stay in the shade, there are picturesque places where you can still soak in panoramic views of the harbour while savouring the fresh seafood which Dalian is famous for. Strolling down the tree-lined thoroughfares and admire the lush lawns of the many squares that pepper the city. These are also perfect spots for people-watching and enjoying an aperitif in the restaurants and bars which come alive as the night falls.

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    • Donggang Music Water Fountain

      The music fountain covers an area of 10,000 square meters and is one of the technology-leading music fountain in China.

      Distance from hotel: 2 km 20 mins 5 mins
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    • Donggang Venice Water City

      Built in the port city of Dalian in China's north-eastern Liaoning province, this water city is a replica of Venice, complete with 4 km of man-made canals that run through more than 200 European castles. Gondola rides are available with the best views of this water city.

      Distance from hotel:
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    • Donggang Yacht Club

      A fantastic Asia yacht charter destination, positioned in the Eastern Port of Dalian

      Distance from hotel: 2 km 20 mins 5 mins
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    • Xinghai Park

      The main feature of this 800m stretch of coast is a beach of golden sand that is safe for swimming. The beach is backed by pavilions, ornamental garden and cliffs that rise above each end.

      Distance from hotel: 17 km 30 mins
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    • Golden Pebble Beach

      Golden Pebble resort, within the Dalian coastal National Geopark, offers golf, luxury dining and an international convention center. Dolphins visit here from May to October.

      Distance from hotel: 60 km 65 mins
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    • Dalian Olympia66

      Located in the most prominent commercial avenues of Dalian, Olympia 66 brings you 221,900 square meters of shopping, dining and entertainment space.

      Distance from hotel: 8 km 25 mins
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    • Dalian Pavilion Mall

      A premier shopping centre occupying six levels and over 135,000 square metres of prime commercial real estate.

      Distance from hotel: 6 km 18 mins
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    • Dalian MYKAL Mall

      A high-end shopping paradise with many stylish Japanese products and household appliances.

      Distance from hotel: 5 km 18 mins
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    • Galleria

      The largest mall in Donggang, this European-inspired shopping center is home to a number of trend setting international fashion, dining and entertainment brands. It is directly connected to the metro station line 2. 

      Distance from hotel: 0.1 km 1 min
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    • Golden Hans

      Head over to this buffet restaurant for the best reviewed beef and poultry barbeque kebabs dishes.

      Distance from hotel: 11 km 22 mins
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    • Dadi Spring Pancake

      An old and famous restaurant in Dalian and offered spring pancakes in the northeastern style. The pancakes thin as paper, transparent and chewy, with a sense of taste. There is nothing in the stir fry that cannot be eaten with the pancake. The favorite collocation is the smoked meat and the sliced meat with Beijing sauce, as well as the fresh vegetables. 

      Distance from hotel: 8 km 17 mins
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    • Wanbao Seafood Restaurant

      One of the largest restaurant in the city with extravagant decorations and good service. Be treated with an array of popular seafood dishes.

      Distance from hotel: 5 km 17 mins
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    • 15 Loft(15库)

      The refurbished dock warehouse now houses contemporary restaurants and cafes and is a popular destination for enjoying panoramic sunset views and romantic dinners.

      Distance from hotel: 1 km 10 mins 2 mins
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    • Binhai Road

      Composed of 12 main sceneries in 40km along Dalian’s winding southern coast, it is a beautiful walkway where you can enjoy sea breeze, exquisite sunsets and tranquil mountains. Excellent for a day excursion.

      Distance from hotel: 11 km 23 mins
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    • Labour Park

      “Labour Park” is essentially Dalian’s central square, covering 1.02km2. Take a chair lift to the top of the park for excellent views of the city.

      Distance from hotel: 5.6 km 20 mins
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    • Sun Asia Ocean World

      A 118m underwater transparent acrylic tunnel lets you roam the ocean floor. See 300 kinds of rare fish from around the world, a “petting Zoo” with marine life & model ships.

      Distance from hotel: 13 km 35 mins
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    • Forest Zoo

      This 7.2km2 park, built in 1997, has 6 simulated natural environments, each suited to a particular group of animals. Take a 45-minute gondala ride over the forest.

      Distance from hotel: 15 km 30 mins
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    • Zhongshan Square

      Built as “(Czar) Nicholas Square” in 1899 by Russians intending to make it the hub of their plan to remake Dalian, modeled on Paris, this is the city’s oldest square.

      Distance from hotel: 4 km 15 mins
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    • Russian Street

      It is a 430m street restored to epitomize Dalian’s colonial past: the former Dalny City Hall, a yellow-brick building with green roof is an authentic architectural gem here. There are numerous shops and stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets.

      Distance from hotel: 5 km 18 mins
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    • Nanshan Street

      This quiet 700m street at the foot of South Mountain has nearly 100 restored Japanese style luxury villas and other traces of the historic Japanese presence in Dalian.

      Distance from hotel: 4 km 15 mins
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    • Lu Shun Harbor (Port Arthur)

      Lushun district, which is also known as Port Arthur, is 58 km from downtown Dalian.  Lying perpendicular to Dalian downtown and facing the Shandong Peninsula, Port Arthur is a state level key scenic spot, a national nature reserve, a national forest park and a famous city with a rich historical cultural. 

      Distance from hotel: 75 km 15 mins
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    • Lu Shun

      At the south tip of Liaodong Peninsula, with cool cummer and mild winter, Lv Shun is a lively garden city, rich variety of fruits, abundant fresh seafood, emerald green pine forests. White Jade Mountain provides a magnificent panorama view of the District.

      Distance from hotel: 67 km 77 mins
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    • Xinghai Square

      Located in downtown Dalian, Xinghai Square is the largest city square in the world, covering a total area of 1.1 million square. The Square was built to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to the motherland in 1997.

      Distance from hotel: 14 km 30 mins
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